Mini Habits for Weight Loss: Stop Dieting. Form New Habits. Change Your Lifestyle Without Suffering.

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Mini Habits for Weight Loss: A Superior Approach for Health and Fitness

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Change the Brain Before the Body

The brain must lead the body when it comes to change, because the brain determines your long-term behavioral trajectory. That’s why 10-30 day weight loss programs succeed in the short-term and fail in the long-term. We can force change for a limited period of time, but real and lasting change must be driven by habit.

Are You Triggering the Starvation Response?

Studies show that the body responds to long-term caloric deficits by becoming more food efficient, meaning it burns fewer calories with a lower metabolism. This makes weight loss more difficult, but it could save your life in a famine! That’s why we need to work with the body, and make changes at a pace that doesn’t trigger the starvation response.

Strategy Beats Brute Force

Just as the body resists dietary and caloric changes, the brain resists behavioral changes. The body will fight to maintain your current weight, whatever it may be. The harder you push, the harder it fights back. That is, unless you make changes in a subtle, nonthreatening way! Mini habits can slip through neurological and biological defenses!

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Stephen Guise, Behavior Change Author

mini habits authenticmini habits authentic Book #2 of the Mini Habits Series

Mini Habits for Weight Loss is a customized and detailed health and fitness strategy based upon Mini Habits, which was introduced in 2013.

In Mini Habits for Weight Loss, you’ll learn:

Why dieting doesn’t work, and actually makes us gain weight over time How to reduce food- and weight-related shame Why brain change is the key to weight loss How to create mini habits for weight loss and general health The neurological and biological science of weight change, and why they are similar

Author Stephen Guise

International Bestselling Author

Stephen Guise has been researching and writing about personal development for more than 15 years. By combining creativity and logic with cutting edge psychology and neuroscience research, he’s crafted some of the most widely used strategies for behavior change and habit formation today, including Mini Habits and Elastic Habits. His techniques are used by teachers, psychologists, and therapists all over the world.

Mini Habits: The original method that popularized using small habits to make big changes. Elastic Habits: You planned to run, but it’s cold and rainy. Well, it’s a good thing you have an elastic habit, which allows you to pivot your habit and its intensity to suit each and every day! How to Be an Imperfectionist: Concrete strategies to help you overcome need for approval, doubts about actions, rumination, and other perfectionistic problems!

Publisher ‏ : ‎ Selective Entertainment LLC (November 29, 2016)
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